Spectrum Atlas℠

Spectrum holdings intelligence at your fingertips! 

Spectrum Atlas is an interactive spreadsheet and mapping tool that provides analytics on spectrum holdings. It’s interactive so you can filter results based on what matters most.

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Spectrum ownership and leasing is complex and dynamic. Getting a complete snapshot of this spectrumscape can be critical to your business and product development strategies.

interactive spreadsheets & maps


Our interactive spreadsheets and maps make it easy to filter results based on what matters most to you. For your convenience, we update Spectrum Atlas quarterly with the latest data from the FCC.

You can find detailed spectrum analytics, such as:

  • Nationwide spectrum depth, weighted by population
  • Top ten carriers by band(s)
  • Carrier name and MHz by band, county, and FCC auction area
  • Leases and future spectrum acquisitions

Spectrum Atlas covers the following bands:

  • AWS-1, AWS-3, AWS-4
  • 700 MHz
  • 800 MHz
  • PCS
  • Cellular
  • WCS
  • BRS & EBS (2.5 GHz)