600 MHz TVclear℠

Tackle 600 MHz impairments

TVclear determines impairments to help with your deployment strategies.

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It may take as long as 3 ½ years to repack all the TV stations from the new 600 MHz band. TVclear helps you deploy before repacking is completed by identifying impairments and addressing interference concerns, also helping you comply with FCC rules.



A streamlined and comprehensive software solution that looks at all interference scenarios between wireless systems and TV stations.

Analyze the four interference scenarios between wireless systems and TV stations.
Assess impact to cell layout and deployment schedules.
Inform mitigation recommendations.
Identify LPTV stations that may affect your cell layout.

Key features:

  • Web-based, so there’s no complex setup or maintenance required.
  • Easy to use maps of TV contours, base stations, and interference results.
  • List of affected TV stations and base stations.
  • Sector elimination algorithms to identify clear base stations.
  • Interference levels and objectives provided in spreadsheets.
  • Easy editing of base station parameters to mitigate interference.
  • Storage of analysis results for future retrieval to confirm non-interference.